Will AMD follow Intel’s stock surge?

With Intel’s stock soaring, many eyes on Wall Street are now focused on its x86 processor competitor, AMD. Apparently, despite a number of investors short selling AMD stock some pundits are looking at AMD as a good hold or a better short-term investment as the quarterly statements approach.

Microsoft may be looking for cybercrime help from Google, Intel, IBM and Cisco at Boston conference

Like an old West sheriff who’s worn his badge too long, Microsoft apparently wants someone to share in the fight against crime, cybercrime in this case, according to an article in today’s ITWorld.
“The company’s aggressive posture towards cybercrime outfits and the companies that enable them has earned it praise, but also criticism,” notes the article. That was the case last week after legitimate customers of NO-IP alleged that Microsoft’s unilateral action had disrupted their business.
“There’s evidence that those criticisms are hitting home – and that Microsoft may be growing weary of its role as judge, jury and executioner of online scams.”
While Holly Stewart, a senior program manager at Microsoft speaking in Boston at the 26th annual FIRST Conference, did note that additional resources need to be committed to “tip the malware problem,” there seemed to be little evidence that Microsoft was ready to put its guns underground. Rather, the industry giant seemed to be on message to the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) conference, which seeks to build teams of trustworthy field experts to respond to emergency malware concerns.
“This community continues to mature and grow across the cybersecurity response field allowing us to exchange and share our vast knowledge and experience between our global connections,” said Pete Allor, chief financial officer (CFO) of FIRST, in a conference news release. “The sharing of lessons learned during the conference from our diverse backgrounds is extensively used throughout the year as we respond to various incidents.”
More than 730 participants from 67 countries are in Boston for the conference, berating last year’s attendance by more than 200 attendees. Included in this conference are 300 FIRST Member Teams from Intel, Cisco, Microsoft, Deutsche Bank, Symantec, Siemens, eBay, Hewlett Packard, CERT/CC, BT, Hitachi, Google, IBM, NATO, Facebook, Juniper Networks and University of Oxford.