Board Support Package (BSP) FAQ

What is a BSP?

BSP stands for Board Support Package, a solution that makes the boot firmware available to development teams. Each SageBIOS™ BSP is a specially configured, compiled and validated boot solution prepared for a particular x86 processor platform. A SageBIOS™ BSP is a coreboot® distribution ( that includes the source code for initialization and payloads to meet target markets and drivers to enable peripherals. Additionally, each BSP includes the Sage EDK development environment.

What BSPs does Sage offer?

Sage offers a number of SageBIOS™ BSPs including the following and more under development. Click here for a list of supported Intel® processors. Or, click here for a list of supported AMD processors.

Will Sage build a custom BSP for my platform?

Absolutely. Just tell us what you need. Even if you’re not sure about all the details involved, we’ll help you figure it out. With vast experience in x86 bootloader and open source development, Sage engineers are fully qualified to help you develop a custom boot solution for your board. Please contact our sales team to discuss your project.

What do I get when I purchase a BSP?

When you purchase a SageBIOS™ BSP you will receive a welcome email with links to download the following:

  • A compressed tar file containing:
    1. Pre-compiled binaries of your personalized boot solution, which have been pre-tested through rigorous stress tests in our lab
    2. Source files for all of the public domain content ready for you to add your customizations
    3. Configuration files, makefiles and header files so you can easily rebuild the binaries with your changes
  • In addition, you will receive a license to the Sage EDK, our premier development environment that optimizes your turn-on and debug cycle. The Sage EDK lets you manage and edit your source files, streamline your builds and flash transfers, and see what’s happening within your system through an intuitive graphical interface.

Will I have to pay royalties if I include a SageBIOS BSP in my product?

No. Each Board Support Package is fully tested, includes the source code for you to make changes, and is available to you for a single, one-time price. Included in the purchase price is a one-year subscription, which enables you to receive updates, bug fixes and new features as they become available, at no additional cost. You are free to distribute the binary solution provided for you with no restrictions or further cost. The source code is covered under various licenses, including GPL, so please familiarize yourself with restrictions on re-distributing the source code itself. Please refer to the SageBIOS BSP License Agreement for further details.

How do I purchase a BSP?

Purchasing a SageBIOS™ Custom BSP entails 3 steps. First, confirm that the processor platform is supported by Sage. These are listed on the SageBIOS™ BSPs for Intel processors page and the SageBIOS™ BSPs for AMD processors page. Second, Sage offers 3 levels of customization packages to accommodate the needs of typical projects.

Finally, contact the Sage sales team to complete the purchase.

Will my source code be given to others?

No, unless you want us to. Purchasing a SageBIOS™ BSP results in a package of source code, build tools, and configurations uniquely developed for customer hardware and delivered to the customer. Optionally, Sage offers a service for upstreaming source code to open source repositories for customers that want the firmware made publicly available.

What if I need support from Sage in the future?

We understand that new concepts can be tricky at first and things don’t always work quite as expected. Sage training is available to guide your engineers through the process of developing firmware with the SageBIOS™ BSP and Sage EDK. And, the purchase of a SageBIOS™ Custom BSP includes support via phone or email from our team of expert developers, depending on the support level purchased. If you need more support or would like special customizations, we can provide that as well. Please contact our sales team to schedule a time to discuss your needs.

How is a SageBIOS BSP licensed?

For details on how SageBIOS is licensed and distributed, please refer to the SageBIOS BSP Licensing FAQ. You can read the full license agreement here.

Is all of the code open-source?

Actually, no. While it is true that much of the material in each BSP is freely available from open source communities, there are many pieces that have been internally developed by Sage.
The open source pieces are available through each community’s repository, and Sage regularly pushes its changes back to those repositories as we believe in supporting the open source code movement. But just because you can pull the files from the available repositories, it does not mean that integration and implementation will be easy or cheap. Sage has invested many person-years of effort into understanding and developing boot solutions based on coreboot and SeaBIOS open-source code. This type of development is not easy, and it is not cheap. It takes a great deal of know-how to put together a working solution. What you are paying for is the guarantee that you will receive code that works on your target system. You will also receive support to get your project up and running. You will not have to hire any other parties or invest in training your engineers to handle the BIOS, nor will you have to pay high royalty fees to those other BIOS providers.

How often will I receive updates?

Sage will release an update incorporating community changes, additional features, bug fixes and Sage internal modifications at least once per month for the duration of your subscription. At the end of your subscription, you may renew in order to continue receiving updates and keep your customers current.

How do I access my BSP and receive updates?

Your welcome email will contain a link to start your download. You can control when to receive updates. Periodic email updates will alert you to new releases for your SageBIOS™ BSP. We  test and release changes periodically, depending on the maturity of each platform. Your subscription to receive these updates will last 12 months from your purchase date.

I've downloaded my BSP. Now what?

First you need to unpack the tar file onto your development machine. Once you have the files extracted, refer to the README file that comes with the installation. For more support, visit our wiki.

Who can I talk to if I have more questions?

Sage’s sales staff is ready to assist you.

Sage EDK

What is a Sage EDK?

Built on the Kepler edition of the Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE) and packaged with a complete toolchain required for cross-compiling and downloading firmware, the Sage EDK is a highly productive embedded firmware development platform.

Where do I get the source code for the SageEDK/SageBIOS toolchain?

Sage is committed to providing quality, tested products based on open source solutions. In this spirit, Sage distributes a build of the GNU toolchain as part of our integrated development environment, the Sage EDK.
As part of our commitment to open source, Sage publishes the information necessary to rebuild our GNU toolchain. You can find the information at the Sage wiki.

Have additional questions?
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