Firmware solutions for x86 reference boards

Each SageBIOS™ BSP is a specially configured, compiled, and tested boot solution streamlined for a particular customer reference board (CRB). The board support package (BSP) includes everything required to develop, compile, and prepare the binary boot image for your design. Included in each BSP are several items:

  • Source code trimmed of unneeded components
  • Payload packages (e.g. SeaBIOS, iPXE)
  • Customized configurations
  • Binary packages provided by the silicon vendor
  • Updates for 1 year
Sage EDK
Embedded firmware development for x86 systems

Built on the Kepler edition of the Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE) and packaged with a complete toolchain required for cross-compiling and downloading firmware, the Sage EDK is a highly productive embedded firmware development platform.

  • Static code analysis
  • Pre-configured cross-compile toolchain
  • Integrated Kconfig user interface
  • Debug features for monitoring multi-core processes
Sage Services
Utilize engineering services from Sage for rapid development.

Sage can fill the gaps within your engineering organization, leveraging the expertise of our team to accelerate your design schedule.

  • Over 150 years of combined x86 embedded firmware experience
  • Over 100 x86 firmware design wins
  • Proud sponsors of and contributors to the coreboot® open source project
Sage Training
Learn to develop custom firmware with SageBIOS™ and Sage EDK

Using SageBIOS™ and SageEDK in a hands-on classroom setting, participants will learn to:

  • Completely customize BIOS from our streamlined Sage Board Support Package.
  • Create fast boot speeds. Get to the Linux prompt in as little as 2 seconds by eliminating unnecessary options and code.
  • Reduce boot image size.
  • Boot from any media, choose from flash, disc, ROM, etc.
  • Add custom hardware, without costly revisions.