Open source means limitless possibilities, but it doesn't have to mean out of control. Sage creates the foundation that fires up your firmware, energizing your concept with the unlimited potential of open source.
bronze customization
Bronze Customization Package
Our base level package, developed from schematics and validated on your hardware.
  • Designed for hardware similar to Intel Customer Reference Boards (CRB) or AMD Development Boards
  • Appropriate for mainstream designs
  • Available for most x86 CPU platforms in production
  • Delivered as SageBIOS™ custom BSP, including source code and build toolchain
silver customization
Silver Customization Package
This package includes all the Bronze package items plus custom feature development and training.
  • Appropriate for hardware with a moderate level of customization
  • Encompasses a wide combination of power, performance, and features
  • Includes bring-up services at Sage facility
  • Available for production and select pre-production CPU platforms
gold customization
Gold Customization Package
Our most advanced and complete package, which includes on-site bring-up and pre-release CPU platforms.
  • Appropriate for all x86 platforms, including highly differentiated designs
  • Applicable for high-performance, specialized applications
  • Available on both production and pre-production CPU platforms (ask)
  • Suitable for applications requiring on-site bring-up
Select Your Platform
Sage supports most x86 CPU platforms from AMD and Intel.
Select Your Customization Package
Sage offers 3 levels of customization packages to meet the needs of your project
Contact Sage
Contact one of our highly qualified sales engineers to learn about pricing, features or pre-release silicon platforms.
Sage EDK
Embedded firmware development for x86 systems

A full-featured Integrated Development Environment (IDE) designed for use with SageBIOS. Sage EDK contains the complete toolchain for cross-compiling and downloading your custom firmware, creating a highly productive development environment.

  • Pre-configured cross-compile toolchain
  • Integrated Kconfig user interface
  • Static code analysis
  • Included with all customization packages
Sage Services
Sage Services
Utilize engineering services from Sage for rapid development.

Not seeing exactly what you are looking for? Sage can help you realize your vision. Our professional engineering staff will fill the gap and bring in expertise to accelerate your design to market.

  • More than 150 years of combined x86 embedded firmware experience
  • More than 100 x86 firmware design wins
  • Proud sponsors of and contributors to the coreboot® open source project
Sage SmartProbe
The Sage SmartProbe is no longer available.
Sage SmartProbe connected to SBC