Sage EDK
The only commercially available integrated development environment for x86 processor firmware development.

Made for engineers developing x86 firmware solutions, the Sage EDK (Embedded Development Kit) integrates every coding aspect into a streamlined, intuitive graphical interface designed to create vast savings in firmware design costs and speed time to market.

The right tools let you get the job done faster, leaving more time to produce the best possible solution for a given problem. — Scott Hoot, President and CEO, Sage Electronic Engineering, LLC

  • multi-core development
  • integrated kconfig
  • disassemble code
  • inspect memory
  • manage peripherals
  • view registers
Every Sage EDK purchase includes:

Development Environment

  • Built on Eclipse Kepler
  • Static code analysis
  • Seamless multicore debugging

Validated Toolchain

  • Pre-configured build tools
  • Cross-compile
  • Easy target download


  • One year of updates
  • Online support forum
  • Training available

Ideally suited to the needs of firmware developers, the Sage EDK is designed for engineers through years of testing and development by Sage engineers. From source code repository checkout and checkin to building the project with the validated toolchain, the EDK is designed by engineers for engineers.

The Sage EDK provides every feature you need to seamlessly transition through all aspects of the development workflow: bring up a new workspace with just a few clicks, import existing source files, disassemble code, Inspect memory, manage peripherals, view registers, and much more. Once you’ve pinpointed a problem, just edit the code in place and reduce turnaround time to seconds. The Sage EDK gives you freedom to see the problem and zero in on a solution; the freedom to try new approaches and explore options.

Available for both Windows and Linux workstations. Download a risk-free 30-day trial and begin developing and debugging with full control and visibility. Use the Sage EDK as a standalone tool or, for maximum benefit, pair it with the Sage SmartProbe®.

Sage EDK Features:
  • Smart Editor
    • Syntax Highlighting
    • Visual Code Navigation
    • Comprehensive Lookup & Search
  • Integrated Toolchain
    • GCC, GNU Make and GDB
    • Kconfig Support
  • Multiple Languages Supported
    • C/C++
    • Java/Javascript
    • Perl
    • Bash
    • …and many more
  • Symbolic Software Debug with Comprehensive Execution Control
  • Processor Debug Support
    • HW Breakpoints/Watchpoints
    • Memory and Register View
    • I/O and MSR Access
    • PCI Configuration Space Access
    • Remote Image Transfer, Flash or RAM
  • Fully compatible with Windows® & Linux®
  • Extensive Ecosystem of 3rd Party Tools