Customized open source firmware
At Sage, we have assembled some of the brightest minds in the world of open source firmware development. With more than 150 years combined experience in x86 platform design, the Sage team delivers production-ready solutions.
Sage Open Source Firmware
Open Source Firmware
Based on the coreboot® open source project

Our engineers and developers are experts in coreboot®, an open source project containing an impressive collection of resources for initializing and booting x86 processor systems. The benefits of designing with coreboot® are compelling.

  • Gain greater control
  • Achieve better performance
  • Avoid royalties and save money

Contact to learn more about customizing coreboot® for your needs.

Increase Performance
Optimizing firmware for performance is a key benefit of SageBIOS™, Engage the expertise of the Sage team to explore further optimizations.
  • Improved boot speed
  • Improved RAM throughput
  • Reduced power consumption
Increased Power - Sage
Sage Gain Greater Control
Gain Greater Control
Configure your solution your way

To optimize the firmware for your next embedded design, let Sage tailor a SageBIOS™ solution to the specifications of your product. Built on a highly modular structure, features may be added or subtracted for greater flexibility.

  • Add custom components and drivers
  • Retain source code for future revisions
  • Remove features for speed
  • Add features for flexibility
Enhanced Security
Secure features suited to your application

Gaining control over your firmware allows myriad security options to be brought to bear. Obscurity is no longer a valid security option. Sage will help identify the risks and find the answers. Depending on your needs, securing a platform can require custom development and the expertise of the Sage team.

  • Bootblock
  • Attestation
  • Anti-tamper

Ask how the Sage team can help enable the root-of-trust for your next design.

Sage Increased Security
Sage Services
Sage offers one of the widest spectrum's of service available in open source firmware. Our solutions get as close as possible to the silicon, enabling a wide variety of differentiated products. Our tailor-made approach delivers the features you need without paying for unnecessary extras.
Full Custom