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Coreboot Branches - How to switch between the Sage coreboot git branches in the Sage EDK

Coreboot Debug - How to debug coreboot with the Sage EDK

Coreboot Setup - How to setup and develop coreboot from scratch with the Sage EDK

Connect and Debug - Debug without a project or debug configuration

Linux Kernel Build Setup - Building the Linux Kernel Sample Project

Open Embedded Setup - Building the OE Sample Project

MinGW Setup - How to setup MinGW (an alternative to Cygwin on Windows)

SmartProbe GDB Remote Serial API - Use SmartProbe directly from GDB

Currently Supported Flash Devices - SPI Flash devices currently supported by the Sage EDK.

Adding Flash Devices to the EDK - How to add support for new SPI Flash devices to your Sage EDK installation.

Terminal View - Support for SSH, Telnet, Local Shells, and Serial Terminals within the Sage EDK.

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